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Keep Your Wedding Celebration Upbeat With A DJ

Included in ALL packages:

  • Coverage by a Certified Disc Jockey, hand selected by our team based on your style & preferences.
  • Experienced Master-of-Ceremony to provide seamless announcements and uninterrupted music.
  • The perfect song list based on your tastes. Rock, hip-hop, top 40, country, indie- We have it all!
  • Wedding day peace of mind! We provide Equipment & Professional Back-up Support for every event.
  • Wedding Bug lighting: Special effect lighting to enhance the reception and keep your guests dancing!

Step 1: Coverage

4 hour DJ: $695

The wedding standard! 4 hours of music and celebration for the average length 4 hour reception.

5 hour DJ: $845

For the party that just won’t stop or a touch of additional elegance for the cocktail hour.

6 hour DJ: $995

Create your dream wedding with music and celebration throughout your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

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The Buzz

- Keep Your Wedding Celebration Upbeat With A DJ

If you have ever been to a wedding reception or celebration that you truly enjoyed, chances are that there was a DJ involved to help keep things moving along. If you are engaged to be married and are in the planning stages of your wedding and reception, you should be considering the benefits of hiring a professional DJ to provide the right music and keep the celebration moving along. Wedding Bug offers a number of affordable wedding DJ packages that can fit any budget.

What About Just Having a Friend Help Out?

You could always have your friend spin some CDs or dock an iPod into a small speaker system but that means that you have to have the system and your friend will do a lot of work. There is no guarantee that they will remember to keep the music going, and if they get distracted and the music dies, the whole atmosphere will change and you could lose the momentum. In addition, even if they keep the music running, do they have a good system to play it through so that everyone can hear it? What about acting as a Master of Ceremonies? Most people simply don't have the experience to do the job properly.

Use a Professional Wedding Bug DJ

When you hire an inexpensive wedding DJ from Wedding Bug, you are getting quality services. Your DJ will be an experienced Master of ceremonies that will know exactly how to keep things going and make everyone feel comfortable. Based on your information about you music tastes and your vision for how you want the music to tie into your celebration, our DJs will come armed with a song list designed just for you. Whether you like country, rock and roll, disco, or even big band music to go with your theme, the music will be just what you were hoping for. In addition, the DJ will bring a sound system and special effects lighting to create the perfect ambiance.

Pick Your Package

At Wedding Bug you will find a number of affordable wedding DJ packages that you can choose from to enhance your celebration without destroying your budget. You can choose to go with the standard four hour package for your reception, add another hour to the package to give just the right touch to your cocktail hour, or go with a full six hour package for the music necessary to set the scene for the ceremony, cocktails, and the reception.

Contact Wedding Bug today and schedule one of our professional wedding DJs for your wedding.